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Full-Scale Solutions

Access the Internet, telephone and data networks from anywhere in Russia.

Install your equipment at teleports in Moscow or Khabarovsk.

Internetwork your sites regardless of location.


Types of services

The following services are available depending on customer requirements:
  • Communications layouts;
  • Link budgets;
  • Equipment configuration;
  • Network establishment schedules;
  • Cooperation with subcontractors and suppliers.
Supply of equipment
  • Delivery of equipment from manufacturer’s or Isatel warehouses in Moscow or Khabarovsk;
  • Integration of equipment offered by various manufacturers;
  • Pre-delivery inspection;
  • Delivery to installation site.
Installation and start-up
  • Installation site choice and survey;
  • Recommendations as to site preparation;
  • Site preparation;
  • Equipment installation;
  • Testing and adjustment;
  • Commissioning;
  • Acceptance testing as agreed with customer.
Satellite resource leasing
  • Leasing of satellite capacity to customers;
  • Short- and long-term leases;
  • On-demand resource offers;
  • Reservation of capacity on alternative satellites;
  • Combination of various satellites’ resource in a single project.
Technical auditing of projects
  • Analysis of a system’s efficiency while in service;
  • Recommendations concerning network configuration and reconfiguration;
  • Improvement of a system’s efficiency and capabilities.
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance
  • All products warranted by manufacturers;
  • Similar replacement equipment made available for the period of repairs;
  • Prompt maintenance, including remote monitoring and on-site visits;
  • Extra service packages to improve network availability.
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