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Orbit and Spectrum Resource

Intersputnik has for many years been actively developing its orbit and spectrum resource: it has rights to use frequency assignments to a number of satellite networks filed with the ITU, and provides their international legal protection and international frequency coordination. It all started as long ago as in the mid-1990s when Intersputnik made a strategic decision to use such resource in cooperation with interested partners.

The first of these partners was Lockheed Martin, which joined forces with Intersputnik in a joint venture to launch the LMI-1 satellite to 75°E in 1999. LMI-1 became a key satellite in the Indian Ocean region covering Asia and Russia. Later, the LMI-1 joint venture was bought by Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS), a newly established company, and LMI-1 was renamed ABS-1. The satellite became the company’s core asset and helped it turn into one of the fastest growing regional operators. Cooperation with ABS at 75°E continues. In early 2014, a new high-power satellite named ABS-2 was lofted. Among other facilities, ABS-2 carries a payload in the broadcasting frequency bands. Later, in June 2016 additional satellite, ABS-2A, was co-located at the same orbital position. The whole of such capacity in the Russia beam is used by Intersputnik’s customers. From 3°W the ABS-3A satellite covers Africa and the Middle East.

As a result of Intersputnik's cooperation with Israeli operator Space Communications and Russia’s major satellite equipment manufacturer Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, in late 2011, the Amos-5 satellite was deployed at 17°E, where Intersputnik has rights to use C- and Ku-band frequencies. In August 2019 new satellite, AMOS-17, was successfully launched and deployed at the same orbital position.

In May 2018, as a result of cooperation with the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the first national satellite of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was successfully deployed at 119.1°E.

In the coming years, several other Intersputnik orbital slots are planned to be used.

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