Intersputnik Takes Part in SatComRus

October 12, 2020 SatComRus, a traditional conference, took place on October 8, 2020 attracting, as in the previous years, all major satellite telecommunications market players, namely, Russian and international operators, TV and radio broadcasters, systems integrators, manufacturers of telecommunications satellites and equipment as well as analysts from the largest Russian and international agencies and mass media. One of the key questions the conference addressed was the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the satellite industry.

The conference discussed international and Russian satellite telecommunications in current conditions:
- main trends in the development of the satcom industry;
- expansion of satellite constellations operated by the largest players on the domestic satellite market: Russian Satellite Communications Company, Gazprom Space Systems, Intersputnik, Eutelsat, SES, and others;
- changes in Russian laws and regulations which produce an effect on the satellite industry;
- new offers by satellite system developers. Super-high-throughput satellites;
- prospects of non-geostationary systems, choice of the best possible combination of geostationary, LEO and MEO satellite systems;
- development of the Russian HEO satellite system project;
- integration of satellite technologies into the modern 5G infocommunications ecosystem, role of satellites in the future universally digitized world;
- frequencies for satellite communications — will Russian satellite operators have to give up part of C band for ground 5G networks?
- role of satellite communications in supporting advanced  IoT technologies;
- satellite distribution of video content, convergence of satellite and cloud technologies;
- satellite broadband access – development and outlook in Russia and the world over.

The conference was attended by speakers directly dealing with the development of various projects, programs, and lines of business. Regulations and laws were described by representatives of Russian government authorities, specifically, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. Top managers of operator companies spoke about their vision of market trends and technological progress. Technological companies presented new developments in the field of satellite telecommunications. Providers of satellite telecommunications services offered a full picture of the Russian market, gave a sense of further steps to expand it, and informed the audience of the service types they found most promising.
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