Intersputnik Attends SatComRus

October 7, 2016 October 6, 2016, Moscow – A delegation of Intersputnik headed by Director General Vadim Belov took part in the 21st conference of operators and users of Russia’s satellite telecommunications and broadcasting networks SatComRus. With support from the Russian Federal Communications Agency and in cooperation with technical operator Global Communications Systems Intersputnik’s strategic partner Russian Satellite  Communications Company (RSCC) gathered for this event representatives of Russian and international satellite telecommunications and broadcasting companies, banks, insurance companies, and mass media.
Intersputnik traditionally supported its Signatory by sponsoring the check-in of participants. Director General Vadim Belov participated in discussing the status of satellite telecommunications in the  world and prospects of Russia’s satellite telecommunications infrastructure in the context of new economic conditions.
At a ceremonial reception the organizers noted Intersputnik’s achievements in expanding and promoting Russia’s satellite telecommunications and broadcasting services in international markets as well as the efforts of Intersputnik’s subsidiary Isatel awarding the prize ‘Discovery of the Year in the Field of Broadband Satellite Access’.
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