Интерспутик (флаги)

Gennady Kudryavtsev

Chairman of the Board - biography
Chairman of the Board, Intersputnik

Gennady Kudryavtsev was born on October 9, 1941 in Maritime Territory. In 1962 he graduated from Moscow Communications Institute and in 1980 from the Academy of National Economy of the Soviet Union.
Mr. Kudryavtsev won a Cand Sc. (Technology) degree. He is a Telecommunications Worker Emeritus.

From 1958 to 1969 Mr. Kudryavtsev held technical and engineering jobs in various telecommunications companies and also served in the Soviet Army.
In 1969 he was hired by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the Soviet Union as Senior Engineeг.
Starting from 1970   — Head of Microwave Relay Division, later Deputy Head of Cable and Microwave Infrastructure Department.
In November 1980 — First Deputy Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of the Soviet Union.
From March to August 1991 — Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of the Soviet Union.
From December 1991 — Chairman of the Board, Intertelecom.
From December 1992 to April 2005 – Director General, Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (‘Intersputnik’).
In 2011 Mr. Kudryavtsev was appointed Plenipotentiary Representative of Russia on the Intersputnik Board.

On November15, 2016 the joint session of the Intersputnik Board and Operations Committee elected him Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Kudryavtsev is decorated with the Order of the October Revolution, Order of the Peoples’ Friendship, and the Badge of Honor Order.

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