Интерспутик (флаги)

Ksenia Drozdova

Chairperson of the Operations Committee - biography
Chairperson of the Operations Committee, Intersputnik

Born 7 March 1969 in Moscow.
1994: Graduated Moscow State Academy of Printing Arts.
1996: MBA degree in Finance from Kennedy-Western University, U.S.A.  
2012: DBA in Corporate Management in Infocommunications from the Business School of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics.

1994 – 1995: Senior Expert, Department of Advanced Research, Stolichny Bank (Russia).
1995 – 1998: Chief Specialist, Product Manager, and Deputy Director of Strategic Analysis and Marketing at MAPO Military-Industrial Complex.
1998: Joined the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) dealing with corporate financing, later heading the marketing department, and in 2005 becoming Deputy-Chief of Business Development Service.
2008: appointed Deputy General Director for Business Development, supervising the company’s marketing and sales activities.

2009: appointed Chairperson of Intersputnik Operations Committee.

The originator and leader of a number of projects promoting communication services based on the capacity of Russia’s satellite constellation in international markets. Author of articles on satellite communications development in Russia, and a co-author of the RSCC Development Strategy up to the year 2020.
Decorations: multiple industry and company awards, Certificate of Merit conferred by the President of the Russian Federation.

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