Интерспутик (флаги)

Board and Operations Committee

Chairperson of the Operations Committee - biography

Сhairman of the Audit Committee - biography

Member of the Audit Committee - biography

Member of the Audit Committee - biography


Intersputnik’s highest governing body is the Board. Each member country has its representative on the Board. Each representative has one vote regardless of investment in the Share Capital. All representatives have equal rights. Sessions of the Board are convened at least once a year. The Board
  • discusses the general policy and long-term goals of the Organization;
  • makes sure that Intersputnik’s business complies with the goals and principles of the Charter;
  • makes decisions recommended by the Operations Committee;
  • reviews reports of the Operations Committee and the Director General.

The Boards seeks unanimity in making its decisions. If this is not achieved, decisions are deemed to be approved if voted for by at least two thirds of the present and voting Intersputnik Members. Decisions are binding on all Intersputnik Members.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee reviews and in a speedy fashion makes decisions on matters related to Intersputnik’s activity. Members of the Operations Committee are 24 national Signatories. Decisions are made by a simple or weighted majority depending on a specific issue. The Operations Committee
  • defines Intersputnik’s technological policy;
  • approves Intersputnik’s financial policy;
  • defines the amount of the Share Capital;
  • reviews reports of the Director General.

Audit Committee

Intersputnik’s accounts are audited by an independent international audit committee consisting of representatives of the member countries of Intersputnik elected by the Operations Committee for a three-year term.

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